Ocean Indies 2


Aneta (Captain)

A lot of little boys when they’re growing up say they want to be sailors. How many girls says that? Captain Aneta certainly knew what she wanted to become and worked her way through from scrubbing out the anchor locker to taking the helm as a captain of her first boat 3 years later. Since that she has sailed waters of the Caribbean, cold Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, South East Asia and Australia. Now, with over 50 000 Nautical Miles under her belt sailing on some of the most unique ships in the world behind her, Captain Aneta has her eyes firmly on the horizon. She operates the Ocean Indies with a view to fulfilling her ultimate destiny of sailing round the world. She has a great love for ocean sailing and a passion for sharing that love with others.

Speaks: Polish, English, French, Spanish


Mikko (First Mate & Chef)

Mikko has spent most of the last ten years at sea, either sailing or exploring the underwater wanders while working as a professional diver. This seaman know the Ocean Indies like the back of his hand and is always at the right place at the right time whenever the anchor needs to be lowered, the boat needs to be docked and the sails need to be hoist. Of course, he is also more than happy to provide the guests with a drink, delicious meal or take the guests ashore.

Speaks: Finnish, English, Swedish


Captain Aneta (right) with First Mate and Chef Mikko.
Captain Aneta (right) with First Mate and Chef Mikko.

They met in Thailand where Aneta was looking for a new crew member to deliver an 80 foot Turkish gullet to her destination port. Since then they sailed to Australia, around Mediterranean, back in South East Asia and Australia. Now they are in the Med again where they are sharing with the guests of Ocean Indies their love of the sea, travel and people. Be forewarned, their enthusiasm for life is highly contagious!